Monday, September 18, 2017

Sunday Update

Mr. P Update: went to visit this evening and upon entering nurse told me shunt was removed.
Was also told that Kaiser thinks he is stable enough to be moved to one of their facilities.

I'm not quite sure how I feel about this so I am talking to his doctors tomorrow.

I'm also not exactly sure if he whispered Hi to me tonight or if it was just a sigh.
I'd like to think he said hello.
He is still having problems following commands and at one point a tear or two rolled down my face and his eye brows tied up in a knot like he was worried. 
I know his right eye is bugging him but it didn't look so swollen today. a bunch of "what if's" were flying around in my head today. 
Patience is not one of my best virtues but I'm working on it. one day at a time...... 
This kid needs some serious sleep so ill update more tomorrow. 
Keep those prayers coming

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Saturday Update

Saturday Update: 
Well hospital did not keep their promise. 
Arrived today and ventilator had already been removed and our Mr. P is breathing on his own...... 
Cognitive skills are on the sluggish side, Not yet speaking but looks at me when asked to and he is getting a little better at following commands. 
I was a bit bummed that he didn't look at me and smile and say hello but I guess that only happens in the movies and I have to remind myself that only a few days ago there were several hands tinkering around inside his gray matter. 
I have to be a little more grateful and count my blessings that he is still with us and its going to take time to get back to where he was before all this happened. 
Right eye looks a tad better but that is going to take time as well. 
During this critical stage they are also giving him and anti-seizure medication and monitoring brain waves as well. 
Physical and speak therapy started today. 
He is easily worn out as you can imagine and they have a very cozy looking gauze beanie on him on his noggin. 
Please keep praying for my foreverman, it's going to be a long road home.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday update...

Friday update... Finally spoke with surgeons yesterday, they went in with camera through the leg that same way they coiled the first anyurizm.
Everything Looks good and no additional bleeding and the fluid that was on the brain is working its way out of his system via temporary shunt, time will tell if a permanent one is needed.
They are keeping him sedated to gain strength and heal a bit.
The reason they have not removed the breathing tube is because of a little excess trauma related fluid in the lungs which they have been clearing out daily. Removing the breathing tube, well they don't want to remove until he is completely ready which I completely understand. 
Then I told him there are quite a few people that want to visit that I have been holding at bay and he stated that he should be ready for visitors about 3 days after his tube is removed as his throat is going to be rather raw. 
I also want them to shave the back of his head so he doesn't look like a Hare Krishna {he is somewhat prideful} and hes also got an issue going on with his right eye from pressure behind it from the brain which will dissipate with time. 
They are still trying to keep risk of infection down as well. 
First 2 weeks after that last surgery are critical to his healing. 
They promised to call me to be there when the tube is removed.
 I want to be the face he sees when they finally pull back the medication veil to remove it. pain meds they will keep doing until about 3 days before hes ready to go home which I'm told should be about the 7th of October. So far So good. 
Will keep Everyone updated when he is ready for visitors.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

No update!

5 hours at hospital today and not one decent fckn update since the 6th, half a tank of gas to get back and fourth daily. I've gotten to the point where I'm so fck'd up in the head i don't know which way is up. They don't think he is ready to be pulled off the ventilator just yet and wont until he starts following nurses commands. He doesn't know where he is and if i was in his shoes I'd be afraid and pissed off too. Here is a bright idea why don't you wait until I'm there to calm him down the next time you try? Needless to say i lit up like a roman candle on the attending doctor today. It's just plain heartless to let someone stress and wonder WTF is going on? I spent the morning paying our bills and was in tears by the time i was done. I'm on unemployment and looking for work and my rock, my love, my forever man is on life support. I'm Scared, Stressed, physically and mentally exhausted.... God Help us!

Monday, September 11, 2017


For my friends who don't have Facebook I will be updating my blog
with Daily Updates as they come in for my Honey Mr. P or Pete to some of you, I have spent the better part of the day and night since the September 6th, texting or making phone calls and I'm just wiped out. Right now I need to Focus on my man and his recovery and getting some rest myself. I also know those we consider family want to visit, but until his breathing tube is removed and this MRI procedure on Thursday is completed it makes no sense unless you just want to watch him sleep. It's kind of like watching the grass grow.  LOL
I tickled his left foot tonight and he curled his toes and told him to squeeze my hand and he squeezed the nurses he has great upper body movement, once breathing tube is removed and he is in a alert and coherent state we can test lower extremities a little better. Friday might be a better day to visit so I will keep everyone posted as things develop.  

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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