Friday, September 29, 2017

Thursday/Friday Mr P Update

So got a call this morning from worker and found out that they are only planning on having him in rehab for 5 days. The 5 days they wanted me to pay for up front. Screw that crap!

He walked 6 steps today, can stand up on his own and tomorrow I'm going to be there for his physical therapy.
Told them I'm not going to bring him home until he can master at least 20 steps. I will be bringing him home Monday if he can do this...

 The 1500 that rehab wanted to ream me out of will be used for his medical equipment as they have given me nothing but the run around at Kaiser from day one, with that being said i'm looking for the following: 

I had all this stuff last April and donated most of it and threw out what I couldn't donate. 

I already scored a walker for him but I need the wheel chair as back up. 

several people have asked me to re-post Pete's go fund me link:

Click this if you wish to donate: 



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