Sunday, September 24, 2017

Saturday Night Update

Saturday Night Update: wow I'm flabbergasted.. seems some connections are coming back but he seems at a loss for what words hes looking for so it takes a few mins.
I asked him tonight if he remembered his brother Joe and his answer was why would I forget 
who my brother 
Then I started talking about his job and he said Katherine aka katey was going to be upset that the complex was a mess. I told him all the guys Juan, Jose & Lido have it handled while you are gone and he corrected me and said his name was Lino {I always get it wrong and he corrects me} as he did tonight. 
Only 17 days out and he is making some major connections. 
This makes me very happy that he is going to make a good recovery with maybe some short term memory loss but it is still to soon to tell. 
He also was talking about the cartoons he got to watch today. 
The celebration of life event I had this morning went off without a hitch and all parties were happy and that makes me happy, I got in a quick nap this afternoon and went to visit my man this evening and left with a smile on my mug. 
Seems the computer nerd part of his brain is working as well because the pointed to the back of the monitor in his room that has an extra cable and said how could they tell when the monitor is unplugged.
I told him it was an extra cord and he quit obsessing over it. 
He is restless and I could tell he wants to get out of bed and get moving. 
Will talk to doctor hopefully some time on Monday and find out what the plans are for rehab and keep everyone posted. 


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