Wednesday, September 13, 2017

No update!

5 hours at hospital today and not one decent fckn update since the 6th, half a tank of gas to get back and fourth daily. I've gotten to the point where I'm so fck'd up in the head i don't know which way is up. They don't think he is ready to be pulled off the ventilator just yet and wont until he starts following nurses commands. He doesn't know where he is and if i was in his shoes I'd be afraid and pissed off too. Here is a bright idea why don't you wait until I'm there to calm him down the next time you try? Needless to say i lit up like a roman candle on the attending doctor today. It's just plain heartless to let someone stress and wonder WTF is going on? I spent the morning paying our bills and was in tears by the time i was done. I'm on unemployment and looking for work and my rock, my love, my forever man is on life support. I'm Scared, Stressed, physically and mentally exhausted.... God Help us!


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