Saturday, September 16, 2017

Saturday Update

Saturday Update: 
Well hospital did not keep their promise. 
Arrived today and ventilator had already been removed and our Mr. P is breathing on his own...... 
Cognitive skills are on the sluggish side, Not yet speaking but looks at me when asked to and he is getting a little better at following commands. 
I was a bit bummed that he didn't look at me and smile and say hello but I guess that only happens in the movies and I have to remind myself that only a few days ago there were several hands tinkering around inside his gray matter. 
I have to be a little more grateful and count my blessings that he is still with us and its going to take time to get back to where he was before all this happened. 
Right eye looks a tad better but that is going to take time as well. 
During this critical stage they are also giving him and anti-seizure medication and monitoring brain waves as well. 
Physical and speak therapy started today. 
He is easily worn out as you can imagine and they have a very cozy looking gauze beanie on him on his noggin. 
Please keep praying for my foreverman, it's going to be a long road home.


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