Sunday, July 16, 2017

Life moves forward.....

Tis true life moves forward....It's been about 3 years since my last post and everything has changed, it's time for me to start healing and share moments on my blog once again. 

June 9th 2014 we lost our beautiful girl Sasha and although she can never be replaced in October 2014 we were blessed with our darling little Gemma.

So let this be her Official Introduction...
Little miss Gemma was left in a cardboard box at a carniceria before her little eyes were fully open. {what kind of scumbag does that to a poor defenseless baby???} 

Thankfully she was found, saved and nursed to health by my friend Natalie and her daughter. 
Born 9/6/2014 She came into our lives and stole our hearts....

Spoiled rotten doesn't begin to describe and seriously? 
who could say no to this little face...1.5 lbs and we had to go outside with her the first month or two so the owls on our property didn't take off with her and make her into a little scooby snack. 

  She grew quickly......

year 1 and 2 she was very talkative, short video of her trying to get my attention before I was finished with my


In September 2017 she will turn 3..... and is now a rotund 9.7 lbs
{below Sporting her little rain coat her auntie Sara got her for Christmas 2016} 
I love this pic!

And giving Santa her wish list, I could swear she is smiling..

 At any rate I am sure you will be seeing a lot more her and I in the future....


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