Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Great Ornament Massacre 2011

I'm sure you have all heard of Murphy's law.....there there is Pix's law too.

Last night the base of my Christmas tree gave way after years of repeated abuse.
Scared the crap out of all of us and sent sasha the wonder dog running for cover from projectile ornaments
Hurling to and fro landing god knows where. As I have stated before my house for the holidays is completely Disney.
Thank god it wasn't completely decorated....I cried and Mr P saved the day!

The tree is back up but there were some Casualties:
Woody lost his head (Poor woody, he suffered so)
Jiminy Cricket lost a gloved hand
(Jiminy tells me it has not affected his overall cuteness)
Pan lost some presents from his sled
(he says that's not what Christmas is about, and I agree)

And snow white damn near fell off her swing.....her little feather friend was spared.
Bambi Flower the skunk and Thumper made it out by the skin of their snouts.....
Chip is still looking for Dale (he doesn't know hes only half of the set) dale may show up next year.
However, I am please to say No Tinks were harmed in this fateful massacre.

Needless to say with a lot determination and a little bit of super glue The household has returned to normal No permanent damage or psychological trauma was suffered.

I am smiling once again......Click HERE to shop!

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