Saturday, November 22, 2008

♥ My Christmas Story ♥

Every year like clock work my battered black streamer trunk come out of storage and I start to carefully unwrap my Christmas ornaments.
This is no simply task....
It all innocently started 10 years ago...with a simple auction won on ebay...
You see I collect Tinker Bell and I am a huge Disney freak. Anyone else
that has this addiction to Disney knows once you have purchase one ornament
thats it you're Hooked (Pun Intended)

Each one of my ornaments is individually wrapped. Unwrapping them is fun.
Let's just say from my tree topper to my dinner table and kitchen its all Disney.
Packing them up all back up is another story...Anyway...I digress. lol

In the bottom of my trunk I have this set of beyond ugly 1950ish
set of sleigh bells. They aren't decoration but a reminder of the Joy, Love and
Excitement this season brings.. Don't get me wrong these fugly bells had a purpose.

When I 1st moved into my new complex 10 years ago there were a lot of kids here. Most of them are still here but now but have grown and matured into wonderful young ladies and gents. Anyway Christmas morning around 5am we got to play Santa!

I would grab my fugly sleigh bells me and my main man Mr. P would run through our complex. I shook my fugly's as loud as I could while he yelled "HO HO HO, Merry Christmas" What a blast! To this day i'm not sure if anyone here knows it was us. lol

Anyway!..It is very rare that I am this long winded on my blog but I just wanted to give you all a little spirit of the season and Wish Everyone
"Happy Holidays" from Team Kissed!

My Fugly's were my inspiration for my New & Improved Commercial Use
Jingle Bell Pack Vol 2 and can be found in all 3 of my stores.
links to the right)
I hope they bring you as much inspiration to create as they have brought me.

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Thanks so much for sharing these!!!


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