Friday, September 19, 2008

♠Design Like a Pro Series♠

I spend and awful lot of time working on stuff and not enough time posting on my blog..Today I have two very useful tips for those just starting out.

My Motto as some of you know...I might not be a pro, but I can look like
Yeah I'm sure your sick of hearing it. lol

If your heart is really in this and I know most of you are. Please take the time to read.

My goal is to keeping my Designing Family from making the same mistakes I have. (and believe me, I have)

Tip 1: For those that get creative and create their own elements or use Royalty free items for your kits try the following.
When you're kit is done, take your elements and gray scale them.
I have a folder in my Designs Folder Named "PIXIES GRAB BAG."
CU Elements are good sellers and/or a great goodies to give away as a Freebie on your blog. (Don't forget to Increase color depth to 24 bit after you gray scale)

Tip 2: OK I have to put this one out there because it drives me Bonkers....But....(ain't there always a but?)
No matter what you are creating. When it is complete, copy it and paste it as a new image (in psp) then Name it and save it in your project.

Why you ask? Well..........I'll tell ya! lol There are a few of reasons

Reason 1 : Pasting it as a new image removes extra background info. This means your file size will be smaller, Your kit will be smaller, your zip will be smaller and who the heck has the time to sit there and watch the upload bar. I don't! I finished something and I wanna

Reason 2: Customers appreciate it. Especially the ones with slower Internet connections

Reason 3: It makes you look good!!!

That's it for today....I've yacked long enough...
Have a Wonderful Weekend And remember...
"If its KissedbyPix, it's done with care"



Denise said...

These are all such helpful hints. Thanks for taking the time to put them together and share them.


Anonymous said...

Keep the tips coming - they are great!

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